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Jaangle is a very powerful and lightweight media manager
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Jaangle (ex Teen spirit) is a very powerful media manager. It is very user-friendly and lightweight, so it can be run almost anywhere.
Jaangle started out as an experiment of the developer and has grown into one of the best media managers available today. It has a library, organizer, tagger and so on.
One of the best features of Jaangle is that once you add new media to your library, it automatically looks up for information about the artist, album and song on the internet and presents it to you. It also has the option to look for lyrics for any particular song.
One feature that is very useful is the popups. If Jaangle is minimized, then when the song changes, a popup will appear near the system tray giving you information about the song including the album art and so on. There is a mini-player as well, which makes it even easier to control your music if you need to send Jaangle to the tray.
The default UI is not the most beautiful, but it is definitely very easy to navigate. It also supports skins for those who feel the need to customize things to their liking.
The developer is quite friendly and if you are missing a function that is available in other media managers then all you have to do is request it on the Jangle website and it will be implemented as soon as possible.

Fabian Enos
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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Default skin is a bit ugly
  • It tries to download information of all artists when they are added to the library
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